It’s Been Awhile

It’s been awhile since I last blog. I feel that I need to share more of my lifestyle and the multiple business that I run. Many things have changed since I last blogged, which was way back in March.

I want to officially announce that I am done with nursing. The reason is, I want to focus more on the things in my life that I am truly passionate about. (And part of my blog will also emphasize on following your passion and what you love to do.) So, you’re probably guessing what sort of business am I running.

One of the business that I am most proud of that my siblings and I created from bottom up is Real Estate. Back in 2011, my siblings and I became real estate investors.  My part in this business is to deal with tenants, call-out maintenance to the property, and scout for new listings in the market.

Another business that I run is my sister’s art business, Venlaa. Venla is clay artist, illustrator, and designer. In this business, I deal with marketing, lookout and book her for events, and communicate with partners and clients.

Last but not least, my own business. This year, August, I have officially launched my own videography business. Many have asked me why and how did I start out in videography. It was back in 2015 when I went on road trip with my siblings to Montana. I was documenting our trip on the way there, where we went, and our trip back home. I got back home and I started editing. Got done editing and posted it onto Facebook and Youtube. Many people loved it and I loved it. Ever since then, I started filming my family and I any time we took a trip anywhere. Many people watched my video and it started blooming. They’ve asked me to film their weddings, birthdays, or special ceremonies and there I was contemplating. Can I wake up everyday and just grab my camera and film? Hell yes! But I have to say, this isn’t possible without the help of my sister, she is a talented and wonderful assistant who shares the same vision as I do, filming and editing wise. She does a wonderful job helping out when I’m stuck on a video and I don’t have a creative vision for the film.

I want to get back into sharing my life and views through blogging. My life isn’t the best, but I make the most out of it. All these business that my siblings and I run was all built from the bottom up. I want to inspire anyone out there to follow their dreams because it is possible if you put your mind to it and say to yourself “I can do it.”


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