10 Items I NEED When Traveling!

10 Items I Need When Traveling

We all have things we cannot live without. This list is narrowed down to 10 items that I must have with me when I’m traveling. I have listed these items from “I need it” to “I REALLY REALLY need it.”  

10. Make-up
I need my make-up! But notice it’s at the bottom of the list because I’m not much of a materialistic gal. However, I do want to look amazing when I’m taking a photo of myself after hiking an elevation of 15,264ft.

9. Food/Snacks
I like to pack food or snack for trips. When I’m in the car ride, I’m dressed in my most comfortable outfit. This comfortable outfit I’m talking about, does not look good to go in and out of a gas station. Okay, it’s not that bad. It’s usually a t-shirt and a short. But really I live in Minne-snow-ta. If I’m traveling in the middle of winter and I’m wearing shorts plus going in and out of a gas station. People will probably think I’m a weirdo. And so what, buying snacks at Costco is cheaper than the gas station anyways. Wouldn’t you agree?

8. Sneakers
Trust me, this is always a good choice. Ladies, you  probably think you won’t need it. You’ll just wear your comfy sandal, slipper, or whatever, but you’ll end up hurting your feet. Like me. I’ve learned this the hard way more than once. I pick my sneaker collection.

7. Clothes
This one is probably on everyone's list, unless you like showing what you got?

6. Tripod
I love taking landscape and group photos. Everytime  I forget my tripod at home, I tell myself I won’t need it. Little do I know, I find myself walking into Walmart or Target just to get a tripod.

5. Wallet
Another thing we all need. Our ID, cards, and cash! Unless you have a sugar daddy/mama.

4. External Hard Drive
There’s 2 options here. If I don’t bring my hard drive, I’ll have to bring a couple SD cards. But I rather bring along my drive because at the end of the day I like to transfer all the photos I took that day into my drive. It’s much more organized and when I’m back at home I won’t have to go through each SD cards because I already have it labeled in my drive.

3. Laptop
I need my laptop to transfer photos to my drive, edit photos, and who knows. Sometimes things just pop out of nowhere and I can’t do it on my phone. I need a computer to do the job.

2. Camera
No matter how busy I am or if I’m on a vacation where I just feel like detoxing from social media. I can not leave my camera at home and just leave. There is so much to capture. If I see a beautiful sunset that’s glowing pink and blue like cotton candy. I will totally regret not bringing my camera.

1. Cell Phone
Same goes for my phone. My phone is my life. It’s amazing how this device that is smaller than the palm of my hand has so much impact in my life. I’m not talking about traveling only but I cannot leave my home without my phone. I’m afraid if I get into an accident what would I do or if my siblings suddenly got sick at school and I had to go pick him up. I don’t know, I just can’t live without my phone. I’m probably making myself sound like a whiner, but I promise I’m not much of a whiner.

This is my list of 10 items I must have with me when I’m traveling. There are definitely many more things I would bring with me, but if I had to limit myself to 10 items only. This is what I’m bringing, for now.

But I’m curious. What are your 10 items that you must have when you’re traveling. Leave it in the comments section below!

10 Items I need when traveling