Minnesota Fashion Show

The Volk

I was invited to shoot a film at a fashion show a week ago.
The show was hosted by The Volk and it was amazing. I loved the story behind the designers design and not only where the clothing the models were wearing on the runway beautiful but this show raised $1,500 for Allina Mental Health’s Mercy Hospital through admission sales! Wow!

The video below took my assistant a good week to edit. It’s a bit different from other films we have edited. My assistant, Agnes, wanted to try something different and new this time. I hope you enjoy a highlight of the event.


Filmed by Agnes Vang & Livia Vang
Edited by Agnes Vang


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Hot Pot with FAM

Cold Minnesota winter calls for a warm night of family gathering around a table for hot pot.
Delicious food and loving company is all I need.

I love these moments in my life.  

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We had hot pot at Little Szechuan. This place is the💣.com! 

My siblings.....they hit this phase when they're full.
They get REALLY crazy.
It's like being drunk on food. 

Check it out


I told you they are crazy!

Who else has siblings that are crazy like mine?
Leave it in the comments!



New Hobby: Paddleboarding

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset Paddleboarding Cabela's

I enjoy my days at the lake. It’s a great time to relax, enjoy myself, and chill with my family. This summer I finally got the chance to try out something I had always wanted to do.


I was out on Lake Alice at William O’ Brien State Park, about 15 minutes north from Stillwater, MN.

The impression that was running through my head before I ever tried paddleboarding was, “is this board stable?”and “will it hold me?”

I was nervous.

You know that feeling, when you want to try it so bad but your’re so scared at the same time. That’s me.

But, surprisingly, it’s much easier than canoeing and kayaking. When you sit in a canoe or kayak, it is wobbly and you can’t shift your weight from side to side much, you’ll flip it. Paddleboarding was much more stable. I was amazed at how stable it was. I rocked the board from side to side and it would not flip. It’s trustworthy.

What I love about a paddleboard that a canoe or kayak cannot do is being able to stand on the board. I could see everything around me and in the water. I spotted a school of Carp from a distance and as I get closer, they vanish. It’s beautiful.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset Paddleboarding Cabela's

It’s almost Fall, that means Winter is right around the corner. I’m going to enjoy a couple more days out at the lake paddleboarding before Winter hits!





Late Night Sushi Cravings

Late night sushi cravings.

Tell me, who does not crave for sushi 2 in the morning with a cold can on Coke?

I love stuffing myself with sushi and washing it down with a cold can of Coke. The fizz is wonderful. It just burns the heck out of my throat. It feels like I washed down all the sushi I ate, and my throat is now super clean, except that everything I ate was not even close to being healthy and I’m just practically lying to myself, if that makes any sense…

Oh the things we do for food.