Lunch at Mississippi Market

Cc and I having lunch at Mississippi Market in Saint Paul, MN

Cc and I tried out the food at Mississippi Market and Mississippi Market is a natural foods market. I remember eating the chicken potpie at this grocery store when I was doing my nursing clinical one semester at a facility near this market. The chicken potpie was delicious.

I’ve been craving the food at this local grocery store lately, so CC and I had lunch there. This place is not a restaurant. It’s a deli inside the market. I ordered myself a Bánh mì and tropical sunrise smoothie and CC ordered spinach mushroom lasagna.

Cc and I having lunch at Mississippi Market in Saint Paul, MN

The Bánh mì sandwich wasn’t great. It looked appetizing, but it does not taste like the typical Bánh mì you get from your local Asian store. The bread tasted dry and stale. The vegetables were not pickled, except the pickle. The smoothie, on the other hand, was tasty. It contained strawberry, mango, banana, pineapple, and orange juice. All the yummy fruits! I didn’t get the chance to try out CC’s lunch, but it looked tasty and she said that it was scrumptious.

I do recommend the deli at Mississippi Market; there is MANY variety of food… I even got myself cookies, brownies, pastas, and 2 chicken potpies to go. They have menus on their website AND a menu for the whole month, you can check out what is on the menu for lunch before you go there for lunch or dinner.

This market is only in Minnesota and they have 3 locations. The location that I have tried is the one listed below.

Mississippi Market Food Co-op 1500 W 7th St. Saint Paul, MN 55102 Hours: Daily 7:30 am -9:30 pm

If you try out the deli, come back and tell me what you ordered!