Sibling picture in 1999. #TBT. Throwback Thursday

There is SO much about this picture. I love everything about it. It really shaped us to who we are today. Nerdy, fobs, innocent, loved, together, adorable, forever, brothers, sisters… so much to say. This photo was, probably, taken back in 1999.

Yes, we are brothers and sisters! Did we get along when we were younger? Ha, that’s a funny question to ask. We did and we sorta didn’t. But as we grew more of age AND of mind,  we live and learn and family is our priority. Yes, we have a couple more younger siblings, but at the time when this picture was taken, this was the squad.

If you read my about page you will come across that my siblings and I love to invest in real estate. The little guy in the picture, he does all of the hard work, and my other little brother (not pictured) is his assistant.  And of course, us, sisters, help them also.

These memories can only be shared through pictures. When I think about these times, a lot comes to mind.

Such as:

  • I wish I was still young so I didn’t have to worry about life
  • Why did I grow up so fast
  • We’re so cute
  • Why are we so fobby?
  • Can I just pinch myself!

But I’m thankful, glad, and proud for the person my siblings and I are today. The way we were raised, the loved we received, and so much more that I can not THANK my mom and dad enough.

If you have any siblings, did you and your siblings get along while growing up? If you don’t have any siblings, how did you cope with growing up as the only child?