I'm Thankful For . . .

I know it's late to post about Thanksgiving. I wanted to post onto my blog what our family had for dinner this Thanksgiving and I also want to take this time to share a couple things I am thankful for, everyday.

Our Thanksgiving dinner this year was super delicious. If you know my siblings and I, we love food. And when we talk or make food, we make sure it’s super tasty and we go all out. Who doesn’t love food?



As pictured above we had a seafood meal for Thanksgiving. We bought the lobster tails, shrimps, and king crabs from Costco. The Dungeness crabs were bought from an Oriental Store. As you can tell the food was delicious and there was none left when we finished our Thanksgiving meal.

 Of course, we didn’t forget the turkey.



The turkey looks horrible. We didn’t plan to have a turkey on the table, but my little 5 years-young brother said it’s not Thanksgiving without a turkey. Well, he’s got a point. So my sister and I set out on a journey to Cub Foods and searched through all the frozen turkey to find the smallest turkey in the pile. It was still huge, but 14lbs is better than 23lbs. Thankfully Cub Foods had coupons, it was $0.99/lbs. Therefore, the turkey was about $14.

The only person who ate the turkey was my same little brother who told us to buy the turkey. We didn’t finish the turkey.

I will love to share the recipes for any of the food we had above!

My siblings and I were also invited to our cousin’s Thanksgiving Dinner and it was super delicious.

I like to take this time to reflect and share what I’m thankful for:

  • My little brother had 2 major surgeries this year for his spine. We were in the hospital for about 2 months and I’m just thankful and blessed to have such a loving and caring family to be there for each other during that time and my little brother is safe and the results were astounding.

  • My mom’s and god’s guidance. They always shield and remind me.

  • My dad’s and sibling’s health and safety. Everyday is a new day, we don’t know what our fate is. I’m just thankful to see them everyday.

  • My siblings. Sometimes, I find myself thinking, “Who am I to have such loving and caring brothers and sisters.” Of all the things we’ve been through, it’s incredible.



Thank you, Livia