Trail Of Terror and The Cherry Spoon

Hey Friend, This week was such a wonderful week. The weather is nice and my brother’s football team won Championship. I cannot believe it that it has not snow in Minnesota yet. Quite amazing. I believe it’s suppose to hit 70 degrees tomorrow. WOW.

How was your Halloween weekend?

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 8.44.56 PM

There were a couple things that I was fired up to do this weekend.

My siblings and I went to Shakopee, MN where the great TRAIL of TERROR is located. We had a great time there. There were a couple things about it that I did not like. But it’s very obvious, such as waiting in line. It was super busy on Halloween weekend and we did not get to go through the maze as a group alone. We were put with other groups. And our group was a group of 5 already.


I hate driving in Minneapolis and I do not go there much. I try to avoid it. But this weekend, I could not avoid it, I was at the Walker Art Center. Well, a couple of high school friends and us meet-up to catch-up so we meet as a Sushi place, Kyoto. But before going to meet our friends, my sister and I we stopped at The Walker Art Center Sculpture Garden.


Sad thing was, all of the sculptures were taken down and what we really just saw was The Cherry Spoon. But we still had fun, we played with the big giant Brick wall. I took my Sony Alpha 6000 along to Vlog and take pictures. It was super fun and funny taking pictures and videos of my sisters. They are hilarious.

Below are extra pictures of Cesea.