A Trip We Probably Will Never Forget


Hey you,

Two of my other sibling and I took a road trip to North Carolina. It is one curvy drive. I probably had about 6 headaches on the way there, while sitting in the passenger side. Laughs. Besides the motion sickness, the trip was one hell of an exciting trip.

We rented a compact car from Budget for a week and set out on this trip around noon and arrived at our destination (Asheville, NC) around 6AM. Yes that was super quick, but believe me guys, the drive is longer than you guys can even imagine. Trust me on this, if you are not use to drops in elevations and curvy roads please prepare some ANTIEMETIC or take the airplane! and maybe great company . . .

The drive was insanely crazy, I started to enjoy driving and sitting in the car at night then in the daytime. As soon as we were 3 hours from the border of North Carolina, we started to swerve all over the place because thats how the road was and driving next to the semi trucks was much scarier than it already is. Not to mention, we are driving in the mountains, super high high elevation, and in the early morning there is morning dew or fog. Its like driving through clouds, really. But all is good, as you can see we made it back home safely.

Below is a video of our trip out to the East Coast. Video is made by my sister.

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By the way, just to let you know. You know how when you are driving and your ear feel plugged and you got to do something about it. Well, because of the drop in elevation and rise in elevation was so quick and so much I cannot tell you how many times I had to swallow my saliva. AND I almost ran out of saliva. Okay, I am probably exaggerating, but it did feel like it though!

I will be focusing on our time in North Carolina. 

As soon as we got to Asheville, we were terribly tired. We booked the cheapest place we could find on Booking.com and we happened to stay at Asheville Motel 6 to shower, change, and re-energize.

One of my favorite place out of the whole trip was Chimney Rock State Park. When we got to the top of the rock we could see the little town below us and the town looked like a toy set. It was cute. My brother enjoyed sitting on top of Pulpit Rock and grasped in the view. In Minnesota, we do not have such a view so we enjoyed the moment while it lasted.

wpid-img_20150924_113216.jpg My brother enjoying the Carolina View! wpid-img_20150924_152940.jpg Picture of Lake Lure from Chimney Rock State Park

Most will think that only children knows how to have fun, but we did not care. We were all above age 18 and we still know how to have fun, of course. We went gem mining. Well I think that we could have done better and gone to a different place to gem mine, but we chose Chimney Rock Gem Mining. Basically the rocks were already prepackaged into buckets. There were about 4 different types of buckets to chose from and we chose a 50 gallon bucket. All we had to do was run water and strain the scoops of sand. What ever we find we can keep it. It was a pretty nice deal, but it would have been more interesting and fun to find our OWN gems and stones. All was good, we got a beautiful Amethyst and many other sorts of gem.

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 9.45.49 PM copy Our collection of gems and the beloved Amethyst

We really enjoyed our time there. It was super tiring to climb Chimney Rock State Park. I still cannot believe it. I am just glad to take on this road trip with my brother and sister. They were super great. My brother, he kept encouraging my sister and I to keep going. that we are almost to the top of the rock. Thanks Vance! I am just so happy and glad that even though, we are all getting older and we each have our own mind spending time with you guys is the best thing in the world. We will probably regret it if we did not do what we just did.

If you have any siblings or parents, try spending time with your family. Because, really in the end, it’s just going to be you and your family. Love and cherish the time when you still have it. You will never know what you have until you lose it!

Much Love, Livia ♥︎♥︎