Afton Apple Orchard in Hastings, MN

Hey Guys,

So fall is the best season to go apple picking. This year we went apple picking at Afton Apple Orchard in Hastings, MN. This place was amazing. So much activities to do to keep the children and us busy.

wpid-img_20150919_182012.jpg Taking a selfie while picking raspberries!

We decided to pick some raspberry and the kids loved it. They had so much fun running around finding the biggest raspberry in the the bush, they even made it into a race to find the biggest berry. Oh Dear. I love creme brulee and my sister was willing to make some and the raspberries tasted delicious with the creme brulee. YUM!

At Afton Apple Orchard, they have hayrides to take us to the apple trees which I am so glad they do. It is probably a mile to get to the apple tree if we had to walk. Thankful. My favorite apple is HoneyCrisp. It is SUPER juicy and SWEET. The orchard we went to, we did not know that we could not pick this certain type of apple. The HoneyCrisp apples were already pre-bagged and we just had to pick it up in their apple store. No big deal, but we just wanted the children to enjoy picking their own apples. It would be great watching their reactions! Instead we picked a bag of different apples, which I believe were Harlason. The apple had a sweet and sour taste to it, but it does not compare to the HoneyCrisp.

wpid-img_20150919_183516.jpg Heyyy, look at us.

Another thing that the kids also enjoyed super much is the pet farm and the playground. That was probably what they loved the most during our visit. They got to feed llamas, donkeys, goats, and played at the huge playground they had. The kids also loved jumping at the Jump Pad.

Overall the orchard was wonderful. We had a great time and the staff was awesomely friendly!

Just to let anyone who is planning to visit Afton Apple Orchard, the orchard charges an entrance fee. Children $3/each and Adults $5/each. BUT, I believe that if you are there to pick apples, raspberries, strawberries, or etc you will not be charged for an entrance fee.

Visit: Phone: 651-436-8385 Address: 14421 So. 90th St Hastings, MN 55033

Here is a clip of our day at Afton Apple Orchard! Enjoy!