Lake Elmo Park Reserve

Lake Elmo Park Reserve is part of the Washington County parks it is about 11 miles East of Saint Paul, Minnesota. The park is a great place to spend time with your family with many fun things to do. Popular for picnicking and enjoying a great day at the beach to just chill out on a hot summer day and enjoy a cold slice of watermelon. Go for a run or walk surrounded by a beautiful landscape or even bike. Want to go fishing with the little ones, great! The fishing pier is a great place to enjoy the waves as the boats go by, watch the sunset, or fishing. Multiple playgrounds are present at the park for children to enjoy. Camp for a night or two at the park and enjoy nature.

When visiting the park you will need to purchase a Washington County day pass or annual permit to get inside the park, so make sure to stop in the office. Daily pass cost about $5 and an annual pass cost about $25. These permits will get you to any Washington County Parks. Click the link to get a list of the Washington County Parks. You may also visit Lake Elmo Park Reserve or any Washington County Parks on the first Tuesday of each month for free without a vehicle permit.

Below is a video of our day in the summer of 2013 enjoying a beautiful sunny day at the Lake Elmo Park Reserve.

We visit the park very often, and the children love it. We like to explore and enjoy walking around the park. The children enjoy playing at the playground while we get lunch or dinner ready! If you are in the Saint Paul/Minneapolis area in Minnesota check out Lake Elmo Park Reserve! Hopefully you will enjoy your stay at the park like we do!