Some say she is a dreamer, sophisticated, independent, and adventurous. . . a few words that describes Livia.

Livia currently resides in Minnesota with her 8 spontaneous siblings and a dog. She is typically reserved, but beware, if you get to know her enough you might just want to hang out with her a little bit more each time.

Livia enjoys reading biographies and business related books along with journals.

She loves music. You can find on her playlist indie, soft rap, dubstep, and country music. Singing is something she enjoys too but never ask her to sing for you though.

Most of Livia’s life, she has been a cooker and she’s an excellent cooker! If you come by her home, you’ll have to have a taste of her delicious entrees!  She can even come over to your home, open your fridge and toss a quick meal together.

Livia loves to share her life stories and listen to other’s life stories/experiences as well. She loves to share her perspective and ideas of life and if you have a crazy, thrilling, or hilarious story/experience she will love to hear every little detail about it. She won’t laugh at you, she’ll laugh, cry, or get angry with you.

On occasions, she likes to watercolor. Mainly abstract painting.

Being outdoors is a must do for her and her family. Some of her favorite things to do are going out to the lake, fishing, watching sunset/sunrise, taking road trips, watching the clouds, skiing, and sitting quietly enjoying the sound of nature just to name a few. The list goes on and on if you want to know more.

Livia’s siblings and Livia have been real estate investors since 2011. If you ask them if real estate is easy, they will say, “You can’t always take the sweet. Sometimes you have to take the bitter.” One month after Livia turned 18, she cashed her first home.

Livia appreciates and takes a joy talking about the future with her family tremendously. It’s one of their family hobbies! One of her brother and her goal is to build an industrial 20-unit apartment and a beautiful simple home for their family in the near future.

You want to surprise her, here’s a tip, she loves her coffee and tea over ice. 

Take her out for coffee or tea.