To Old to Color?

It is never to old to color!

These past few days I have been SO into coloring.
I'm not an artistic or creative person.


But I love coloring. It soothes and calms my soul. ❤️


Looks fun, eh? Let's color!

What do I think about Florida...


I was invited to a bachelorette party and while I was there I extended my trip for a week.

If you have never been to Florida it is hot, humid, and sticky. Within 7 minutes, the ice in my iced peach tea from Starbucks had already melted. 😑

If you're in the Miami Beach district you're probably less than a block away from the ocean. Yes, I spent most of my time sitting by the ocean enjoying the waves crashing in, watching the sunrise, and watching the sunset.

It was too hot, I couldn't take the heat to go shopping. Besides eating. . . .

The water ... this was my first time at an ocean. It tasted disgusting. I tried so hard not to get it in my mouth, but it just somehow managed to get inside my mouth. Eeek. 😖 The water was warm. I was surprised. That was one of the best thing. The water stings your eyes! Yes, it hurts. Don't even try to rub it off because your whole arm is wet and full of the salt water! I tried not to go underwater and just leave my head out, like a fishing bobber.

What I loved about my time there was watching the sunset and sunrise. I set my tripod and camera up and took time lapses of the sunsets and sunrises. It was fascinating to watch how beautiful and fast time goes by. (That is my brother in the photo)


I loved the sunsets. It had beautiful shades that looked like cotton candy. 😋


The palm trees? I was disappointed. When you think about Florida you think about palm trees and coconuts, correct? You will not see big beautiful palm trees. They are short and stubby. Occasionally, you will spot beautiful tall palm trees like the image below.


I think I had too much expectations of Florida. I really expected more. I was bored most of the time. I was either in my hotel with the air conditioning on or I was sitting by the beach under an umbrella. I tried so hard not to let the hot humid weather get to me, but it seriously did. It was not a joke. While my brother and I was walking to the hotel my brother said to me, "you know, I think I can live here..." I just stood there and stared at him, are you kidding me. This is FUCKEN hot. 

I did go all the way to the Keys. It was beautiful. I loved how people just parked on the side of the rode and swam.

As we were driving to and from the Keys. There were parts of the drive where the sides of the roads were blocked off by fences due to alligators/crocodiles crossing. Sometimes we even spotted parts of the fences that was lifted or broken. You know what that means, it means there was a huge and strong crocodile that tried to cross the rode. 😱 We kept ourselves entertained with stories of how the crocodile might have crossed the rode and we also kept our eyes out to see fences that were broken. And yes, it was very entertaining.

I did vlog our time in Florida. Click on the link below if you want to watch our time in Florida. [insert here link of florida vlog]

Overall, I didn't enjoy Florida. Maybe it's because of the weather. I don't know, but there was something about it that I just didn't enjoy. Makes me wonder if Santa Monica or Venice Beach will give the same vibe. (Fingers crossed. I hope not.) Don't get my wrong, I've always dreamed of living by the ocean and visiting Florida and California. But so far, Florida has really disappointed me.

California is still on my list to travel. I hope that I will make it out there, soon!


Walking by the ocean in miami beach, florida.

New Hobby: Paddleboarding

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset Paddleboarding Cabela's

I enjoy my days at the lake. It’s a great time to relax, enjoy myself, and chill with my family. This summer I finally got the chance to try out something I had always wanted to do.


I was out on Lake Alice at William O’ Brien State Park, about 15 minutes north from Stillwater, MN.

The impression that was running through my head before I ever tried paddleboarding was, “is this board stable?”and “will it hold me?”

I was nervous.

You know that feeling, when you want to try it so bad but your’re so scared at the same time. That’s me.

But, surprisingly, it’s much easier than canoeing and kayaking. When you sit in a canoe or kayak, it is wobbly and you can’t shift your weight from side to side much, you’ll flip it. Paddleboarding was much more stable. I was amazed at how stable it was. I rocked the board from side to side and it would not flip. It’s trustworthy.

What I love about a paddleboard that a canoe or kayak cannot do is being able to stand on the board. I could see everything around me and in the water. I spotted a school of Carp from a distance and as I get closer, they vanish. It’s beautiful.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset Paddleboarding Cabela's

It’s almost Fall, that means Winter is right around the corner. I’m going to enjoy a couple more days out at the lake paddleboarding before Winter hits!





Late Night Sushi Cravings

Late night sushi cravings.

Tell me, who does not crave for sushi 2 in the morning with a cold can on Coke?

I love stuffing myself with sushi and washing it down with a cold can of Coke. The fizz is wonderful. It just burns the heck out of my throat. It feels like I washed down all the sushi I ate, and my throat is now super clean, except that everything I ate was not even close to being healthy and I’m just practically lying to myself, if that makes any sense…

Oh the things we do for food.




Lunch at Mississippi Market

Cc and I having lunch at Mississippi Market in Saint Paul, MN

Cc and I tried out the food at Mississippi Market and Mississippi Market is a natural foods market. I remember eating the chicken potpie at this grocery store when I was doing my nursing clinical one semester at a facility near this market. The chicken potpie was delicious.

I’ve been craving the food at this local grocery store lately, so CC and I had lunch there. This place is not a restaurant. It’s a deli inside the market. I ordered myself a Bánh mì and tropical sunrise smoothie and CC ordered spinach mushroom lasagna.

Cc and I having lunch at Mississippi Market in Saint Paul, MN

The Bánh mì sandwich wasn’t great. It looked appetizing, but it does not taste like the typical Bánh mì you get from your local Asian store. The bread tasted dry and stale. The vegetables were not pickled, except the pickle. The smoothie, on the other hand, was tasty. It contained strawberry, mango, banana, pineapple, and orange juice. All the yummy fruits! I didn’t get the chance to try out CC’s lunch, but it looked tasty and she said that it was scrumptious.

I do recommend the deli at Mississippi Market; there is MANY variety of food… I even got myself cookies, brownies, pastas, and 2 chicken potpies to go. They have menus on their website AND a menu for the whole month, you can check out what is on the menu for lunch before you go there for lunch or dinner.

This market is only in Minnesota and they have 3 locations. The location that I have tried is the one listed below.

Mississippi Market Food Co-op 1500 W 7th St. Saint Paul, MN 55102 Hours: Daily 7:30 am -9:30 pm

If you try out the deli, come back and tell me what you ordered!